Gonna be honest.... Dante flipping to UCLA feels like a kick in the teeth. If he was going to sit for one year at Oregon, he is likely going to sit for two at UCLA, what with their Kent State transfer. Can you imagine a better mentor for the young prodigy than Bo Nix? I know I am overreacting. That's how I roll sometimes.

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Dec 19, 2022Liked by John Canzano

Sore spot? My two sons are OSU graduates, my wife a Michigan. We all give each other barbs... it is just a game... By the way, you never say anything negative to get a rise from your rivals?

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Stoked about Nix, bummed about Moore. However... it feels to me that moving forward, programs are going to be able to go out and get solid QB's from the portal much, much easier than recruiting great ones. It's the one position that if you dont win it outright, you don't play. And the Ducks ability to roll out the red carpet is as strong as it has ever been. Again, bummed Dante went to LA (maybe moving to the Big Ten had something to do with it as well, playing in front of family in Michigan) but I'm sure the Ducks will be fine. Hell yeah, on another year of the Bo Nix experience, he was absolutely lethal this year.

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Recruiting has become so dumb. It's all about overblown photoshoots and grandiose proclamations on social media ("That being said, I'd like to announce that...). But maybe I just can't identify with what floats the boat of a typical 18-year old. Or maybe I'm just jealous, because I secretly want a photo of myself in full uniform (heavily PhotoShopped to add laser beams and remove the midsection paunch) posing with arms crossed in front of a mountain of NIL money.

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Must give a shout out to the Beavers. Little brother beat us and went on to represent the PAC with authority. Great job Beaves!!

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Getting Bo back is great but might not matter if Oregon can't make big changes in the Defense both on the field and coaching.

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I agree that Bo coming back is a huge get but in looking to the future I hope we have some other QBs wanted to wear the green and yellow as well. I guess Bo knows and he willingness to return will make him son of Oregon.

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There are a lot of interesting comments, but I see a lot of immature responses, by adults I presume. Time will tell. There are no guarantees in life. The Beavers had a good season, but that doesn't mean they will play for a Pac 12 championship. I am a Duck, but know that one injury to a quarterback can end any team's season. Thanks, John for your analysis and your compassion. It is just a game and life is short. Fans need to not take themselves too seriously.

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First, JC, reaching out to that artist for interview, wonderfully old school. These days many writers just riff.

Second, in the era of transfers and NIL, what does a top recruiting class mean? A better predictor would be an amalgamation of recruits and transfers for the next season. Oregon’s rep with QBs is so high that they could pluck proven talents from other programs. Plus--as Oregon State showed this year--if you have great coaches, two and three stars are just fine.

Which is why Lanning needs to do something to change his D for next year. He had a half dozen draft picks on D and it crumbled. Five star recruits won’t fix that.

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I am so impressed with the talent out there! The graphic artist, the photographers, the writers, the Cougar nurse fan and husband. How wonderful that you bring to us these incredible people and share their work, stories, AND we get a peek at their lives. No transfer portal, no NIL.

I feel that I would not have been a part of this in any other way than through the Bald Faced Truth.

Thank you for this wonderful journey.

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Ducks are scrambling to "salvage" a recruiting class currently ranked 14th.

Duck fan prognosis=The wheels are coming off!!

Beavers are scraping together a recruiting class ranked 46th.

Beaver fan prognosis=We'll be the league champions next season!!

I live in Texas. And as you might have heard Football, even college, is pretty popular here. But there isn't anything quite like college fans in the state of Oregon.

Go Ducks!!!

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John , could you do a story on how the NIL works in practice? Does the coach negotiate or a third party? Does the athlete negotiate or a third party ? How is the final price arrived at? Can you see a future where the NiL money is made public ?

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Moore is down the Oregon Fawcett but Nix scoring what has to be a nice NIL payday helps keep the well from running dry.

CFB today is not about taking in unproven high star players (see, with no disrespect, Ty Thompson) but recruiting the portal for guys who have played ball. and re-recruiting guys who could have transferred or gone pro.

CFB today is NFL Lite (and NIL Large) and experienced free agent QBs in the NFL are more wanted, for the most part, than youngsters out of college.

Already UCLA's QB recruit from Kent State, Scheen, is IMO more likely to start for the Bruins in 2023 than is Moore.

But the B1G is a big draw and will not be easy to recruit against.

Best of luck to Moore. I see UCLA being the Minnesota of B1G football at best.

PS - Hats off to Young and Anderson for playing, no doubt against agent wishes, in the Sugar Bowl for Alabama.. This makes Utah's Phillips and Kincaid opting out of the Rose Bowl, as is their right, making the day after New Years' not so great for Pac-12 fans.

Ball out vs SC in the champ game and cost the conference $2M but then opt out? Stinks!

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Let’s go UTES! That would make the PAC really great next year!!!

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DuX will have to beat the Beavers to remain in the mix for a Pac 12 Championship ; Beavers have their number ...,Nix is good but was Nixxed in the Civil War . Doubtful with OSU’s returning All Pac 12 Roster if the DuX can beat OSU next year ! Very doubtful !....UO will always and forever be Lil ‘bro....

OSU is 7 years OLDER , your practice field is named AFTER an OSU Beaver , your stadium is named AFTER an OSU Beaver , AND your stadium announcer is an OSU Beaver Alumn.... OSU OWNS the UO DuX...!

Always have and forever will ! Go Beavers !,,,,

Rand Wintermute

‘67 OSU GiantKiller Alumn

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Not surprising that Moore would back out at Oregon with the OC change and Nix sticking around. As a Beavs fan I have mixed emotions about Nix staying, but I will say it’s good for the PAC, and will make for a fun season next year with all these top tier QB’s around. (And hopefully OSU finds one as well!)

Moore going to UCLA is interesting. I think when they move to the Big10 it’s not going to be a fun place to play. UCLA will likely get their teeth kicked in every week.

Interesting info about Hayes Fawcett. I’ve seen his stuff around for a few years and always wondered what his story was and who he was.

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