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Workman/woman like win. Two interceptions point to the need to clean up. Looking forward to the PAC-2 championship game next week on FS1.

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Lookin' good!

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While Dion gets all of the press visiting

Duckville , the Pullman battle will begin

the whittling of PAC 12 23’ forces one by one until no league member will have less than two losses. The Eastcoast carnival barkers will tell the country how the PAC 12 is overrated and none of their squads

deserve a trip to the playoff. A perfect

ending to College football’s forces in keeping an east bias intact. That longtime bias is bolstered by network hosts bellowing how much better the SEC & Big Ten top squads are.

On a brighter note thank God the Huskies crapped all over the Spartans in

front of East Lansing season

ticket holders.

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Nice detail on the vomit! Love it.

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great pictures! My favorites

1. The picture of Joshua Gray in the endzone with the ball and the other 2 offensive lineman. You don't see that very often and you were right there in the Cadillac position to catch it.

2. The kicker Sappington. Classic

3. The cheerleaders with their pom poms in front of Reser Stadium.

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busy day. 4 columns & a trip to the Beaver store. Keep up the good work.

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Ugly game...Beavs looked sluggish most of the game. It felt a little as if OSU didn't want to open too much more of the playbook with WSU looming next week. New stadium (side) is nice but has its issues with cramped seating and vending problems ($14 for a beer is a little ridiculous...C'mon Beavs, we can do better to get more people into the seats). Was very disappointed in the crowd (lack of a crowd). We need to do our share to help the Beavs enter this new era of uncertainty. I made the pledge with PAC-Letes, to attend more Beaver events (3 per season, fall-winter-spring at minimum and to pledge $25-50 a month in NIL support). To all ex-PAC-Letes of these universities (OSU & WSU) please accept the challenge! I was truly embarrassed for our fan base to see so many empty seats this afternoon, but at the same time, my wife and I purchased two burgers and a beer/cider and spent $48. This is not fan or family friendly with these prices. Just saying, I think we can do better to get more people to support Beaver athletics!

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Excellent pictures Naji, a little bit of everything!

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Great photo gallery!

SDSU played hard. Served up enough of a dose of humility that Beavs will not go into next week thinking they'll just roll.

Beavs WR's were not getting separation on downfield routes from larger, physical Aztec DB's.

O Line was inconsistent on both run and pass blocking. Really didn't impose it's will.

DJU's passes were all over the place. Clean up on aisle 5 needed

Lindgren figured out in the 2nd half that some screen plays were needed to counter SDSU aggressive rush and blitzes. Aztecs burned us on screens earlier. Fight fire with fire

Akili Arnold came up huge late in the game.

Anthony Gould put the hot deli mustard on this win!

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I watched UCLA play SDSU on the road last week and the Beavers played them at home this week. Both were good Pac-12 wins but UCLA was more impressive with the biggest difference in their 35-10 win was the superior play of their freshman QB Dante Moore- who did it on the road. 2 TD, 290 YDs, no Ints. He is the real deal. Hope DJ plays better going forward. His accuracy was a little off today- otherwise the Beavers looked great.

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