Watching the first half of Oregon game was like some great time travel back to when Oregon moved fast on offense with creative plays, smacked some tackles on defense like when Chad Cota was at safety going all Ronnie Lot with pancake tackles. This new season and coaching staff is exciting. Go Ducks.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Mario goes first and ten for touchdown, runs 3 running plays up the middle for 6 yards...and then get a field goal. A total of 9 points in the loss. Miami fans want their money back.

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Dredging up the past, I know, but did you see the 4th Qtr of the Miami-Texas A&M game? It was same ol Mario, with overly conservative play-calling and questionable clock management. We’ll never know if it would’ve made a difference, but too often he just doesn’t put his players in the best position to win.

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I hate to say it, but the Puppies look pretty good...

The South (division) schools must be dreading the gauntlet they

will be facing coming North.

OSU/USC game is a toss up and I give Oregon 10 over WSU.

Hard to believe that's the same Duck program after just 3 weeks.

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Looks like the sleeping lion in Seattle has awoken. On the other hand, if Washington is so good, how does MSU fall from #11 to UNRANKED on the basis of a single result? Sparty should be pissed. Oregon has forever struggled to win in Pullman, and I respect the Cougs tremendously. This game makes me nervous, being honest.

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John, thanks for photos. It reminds me of why I loved SI so much as a kid.

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Great weekend for the PAC NW

Watched the Husky game with relish; it’d been a long time since we had that “certain vibe of success”

Looking forward to conference games

Looking forward to Autzen in November


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Exciting season for the pac, for sure. Glad things are turning around after the last few years.

If these schools (and some combination of CU, Zona, Cal, Stanford, and ASU) continue to field good teams, excitement and viewership will balloon in the west. That potential is one thing that differntiates the Pac from the Big12. The Big12 has been great in recent years (better than ever before and probably better than they ever will be again), but no matter how good they are, they will never be the top draw in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, or even Iowa or Utah.

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John - Would you support no rankings - at all - until after Week 3? I sure would. It’s just absurd that there are somehow rankings in place before a single snap, and the first game or two are rarely significant. Seems you might agree given your “upset” comment.

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Not to drag Pac-12 expansion into every article, and I realize that BYU is committed to the Big 12, but why not BYU in the Pac 12. I was in the crowd at the Oregon game and does anyone out west travel as well as BYU? The natural rivalry with Utah. They don't join for another season or two, is it a done deal already or could they escape? And would the Pac 12 be greener pastures to them?

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FYI: ASU lost to Eastern Michigan, sted Central. Again, just FYI.

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OSU has speed to burn …!….

It will be a track meet against USC !

Coach Smith is a Master at “Trick Plays”…! Look for some next Saturday.

If the DuX beat WSU in Pullman , we can believe in them . If not , the Beavers rule The North. Cannot understand Why P. Knight would want his DuX in the Big Ten, due the higher, more numbered competition ….makes no sense ! Can’t be the extra money! He better be careful what he wishes for and control his ego. Glad OSU has SC early ! Great writing John . Love the varied Articles !

Rand W.

OSU ‘67 GiantKillers

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I like your comment. Go Ducks!

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I love to see these PAC 12 teams flourish.

I am a rabid UTAH fan and it gives me great pleasure to watch the PAC beat up the Big 10 and BYU!!

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I am such a Duck fan. I just have to say the Ducks are the best team in this area, right or wrong.

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The possible move to Amazon seems like a great opportunity.

I've read that 80% of households have Amazon Prime. Further, their cable package is only $9 if you don't want Prime.

From just watching my high school aged children, streaming is not only the future, its really the present. I frankly wonder if their generation is even going to bother with TV sets.

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Sep 19, 2022·edited Sep 19, 2022

Being a Wazzu fan, I hate to say this, but the huskies looked darn good!

Will see how good the ducks are @Pullman this weekend! If they can beat that agile and gutsy secondary of the Cougs, then all credits to Ducks.

The Beavers have been fun to watch. Would love to see they beat the shit out of USC one last time at their home :)

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