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Emmert seems to be an example of the same archetype that produced Larry Scott: characterized by stubborn arrogance, unwarranted pomposity and a dedication to following the fixed compass-point of "that's how we've always done it". It led Scott over the cliff & out of a job, but the weight of Scott's tenure [and his golden parachute] has almost taken the Pac-12 down with him. An impartial observer can draw similar parallels to Emmert and his reign at the NCAA.

In reality, the NCAA does only one thing well: it successfully runs the men's March Madness tournament. In most other situations it fails to adapt to the shifting social, cultural & economic components that make up the interplay between academics & athletics.

Conference leaders and Presidents need to work quickly to figure out whether the NCAA's structure is malleable enough to use going forward. Can you retrofit a Model-T to race with a McLaren? In this case, past results suggest future returns, and they are not encouraging.

Regardless, I hope the NCAA "board" chooses a different archetype in its search for a new leader.

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John - excellent compilation of the NCAA and subsequent dilemma. Thanks.

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The NCAA can have K Shultz, but keep your damn hands off Commissioner K. He's ours!

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