Thanks for keeping me updated on the Pac-12! I'm a big Cal fan and I'm still in shock that UCLA and USC are gone. Seems like a bad dream.

I personally hope the Pac-12 goes on the offensive and goes after San Diego as well as Fresno State. If the media contracts are all about football, makes sense to scoop up all the good football schools that are in the Pac-12's regional vicinity. We just can't afford to lose Oregon or really any other school. I don't even like football, but I'll take cohesion and the conference staying alive over any other concern.

It's weird to me that UCLA would continue to get California state funding, but not cooperate with California collegiate athletics. How does that play out? (USC is different as a private school.)

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I'm done with this nonsense. Sports loyalty, to me, is about two things: personal history and geographical area. I don't care about TV deals or projected numbers. Will I watch college football? Sometimes. I like it better than the pro game. The teams I care about are local to the Great North Wet.

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We pac-12 boosters have one hope: ESPN or bust. Hey John: I first met Anthony Newman in the early 80s while he was at Beaverton High school, where my mom taught for many years. I had dreams he would go to the U of O, and he did. I have followed him during his Duck days, and his career in the NFL. You story yesterday about his daughter and her boyfriend was great us usual. I visited with Anthony when he was playing for Oregon, usually after away games, like once in Berkeley. Chris Miller and Oregon that hot day in Berkeley, came from behind to win! I visited with Rich Brooks that day outside of the visiting locker room. He was pretty happy, as were all Ducks that sweltering day for an early afternoon game. . Anthony came out and I told him how I had followed him since his high school days. In his senior year in Beaverton, I went to Hillsboro to see the Beavers play the Hilhi baseball team at Hare field. The baseball field there is now called Rutschman field. My late father and Ad Rutschman were long time friends; coach Rutschman coached football and baseball in Hillsboro. Then, he went to Linfield to coach. In college in McMinnville, Mr. Rutschman won 12 letters in sports; four each in football, basketball, and baseball. In my sophomore year at Hillsboro High school. Coach R's team won a state championship; 1966. He also coached a state title in baseball the same year, 1966. In 1968 he coached a baseball team in Hillsboro to a state title, and I knew all the players. His son, Donnie Rutschman, coached in High school in McMinnville and later at Glencoe, a school also in Hillsboro, Donnie and I were close in age, and played baseball together in our little league days. His dad let Donnie and myself sit in the varsity dugout at baseball games in the early 1960s. A pretty big deal when you are 10 years old! The whole Rutschman family are a class act, and I got to know most all of them. Ad's grandson, who was player of the year while a senior at Oregon State in Corvallis in 2019, as a baseball catcher, helped the Beavers to a national title that year. He was the number one pick in the major league draft. He is now playing for the Baltimore Orioles, who have a good young team. Since Adley got called up this year, the team has caught fire. He is a good catcher, and a switch hitter. When Ad was coaching at Linfield, he won national titles in two sports: baseball and football more than once. That hot day in Berkeley I mentioned to Mr. Newman about a home run I saw him hit in 1983 at Rutschman field. It started off as a very high pop up, and I was sure it would be caught. Am not sure if the wind caught it, or if it was just pretty deep, but that ball cleared the right field fence for a homer and it was almost an out of body experience. I was by myself sitting in my car, and I was beyond amazed that a high fly, that looked shallow at first, ended up being a four bagger! When I told Anthony I was there that day, and described the scene he said: "Wow Donnie, you saw that homer in Hillsboro I hit as a senior outfielder at Beavo?" I proudly said yes and we both had a good visit! He played for 12 years in the NFL, and was a good defensive back. A real nice guy, and the average career as a player is much less than 12 years. The Rutschmans and the Newmans have been favorites of mine for years. At my father's funeral in Hillsboro in September of 1983, a surprise guest appeared: it was Coach Rutschman, who had left his team's football practice in McMinnville early that day to attend the funeral. A class act all the way. His first national title at Linfield was in 1984 in football. I missed the game, but later wrote him a letter of congratulations. He took the time to hand write me a thank you letter! Winning national titles, at the same college, is more than one sport, , is a pretty rare experience. Ad still volunteers as a football assistant in McMinnville, or he used to. There is an athletic building at Linfield named after him. Adley once kicked for the football Beavers in his first year at OSU. When he was in high school in Sherwood, Or, he kicked a 62 yard field goal in a game. He decided to concentrate on baseball at OSU. Smart choice and as a number one pick out of college, he got a five million dollar bonus. He not only is a quality young man, but he is humble and not arrogant at all. Even though he had $5 million payday right out of college, he did not go out and buy anything. He kept driving his same used Honda! I have heard the Big 10 conference talk at their media day. I have no problem with UCLA and USC joining the league, starting in football in two years. It is called big money; either you get it from tv deals for your league, or you get left in the dust. Quit bashing the California schools, please, as any school, when offered what the Bruins and Trojans got, would jump at the chance to earn much more than if they stayed in the weak pac-12. The rich get richer, like in life, and now with kids being able to get money from endorsements while also getting a scholarship, and with athletes being able to play at a new school right away, without sitting out a year, all has changed. To compete with the SEC in football takes major millions of dollars, lots of recruiting, a winning, solid program, great coaching, and more. It takes huge tv deals; the live gate and hot dog sales are peanuts compared to a contract with ESPN. It will take the pac-12 years to catch the big boys in football and basketball. If they cannot get a deal with ESPN now, that is not a lowball figure, the pac-12 will remain a minor conference. Pac-12, league of champions, Bill Walton, is a bad joke. The minor sports, which produce no revenue at all, only survive by getting money from their school. TV money rules all, and the Pac-12 with a horrible tv deal, created by the circus clown of a leader, who thank God got deported, is another bad joke. USC only gave their new football coach $110 million in salary and he lives in a $17 million dollar shack in LA. If you think Chip Kelly cannot use the extra $30 million a year his school will get for football, go back to Florida and see where slick Willy and super Mario are still confused and not very smart. UCLA and USC are very wise. and both of these programs will improve a lot right away. Millions of dollars can do many things! GO DUCKS

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There is an easy solution for the Pac 10. The big 10 should absorb the remaining Pac 10 teams with the exception of the Arizona schools. They could the have 3 conferences East, Central and Pacific. The Rosebowl could then serve as the championship game for the Big ten. There could be a 4 team playoff between the three conference champions and the 4th best record to determine the Rose bowl participant's.

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Fresno is a big city and so is Dallas. I could care less about either, but eyeballs are all that count.

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SDSU and UNLV are great! But, who replaces Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, And Colorado when they join the BIG12? Then how long does Oregon and Washington wait on an invitation from the B1G? Every estimation I have seen has Oregon and Washington as a Net Negative to the B1G; meaning they take more from their share of TV Revenue than they add to the overall value. They both add value to the Big12. If the entire Mountain West becomes the new PAC12, the Big12 Conference will look better to Phil Knight.

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Thanks John….Why dont you tell us when you actually know something. I’m getting a little tired of “ I wondered” “I dont think” “I kind of go back and forth” “ should they decide to go ahead with expansion” I don’t really know anymore now than when I started….Maybe when there is a little more of who, what, when, where and why, would be great, thanks

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Thank you John. Your insights have been invaluable in helping me to understand this chaotic era of college athletics! Thank you NCAA for fostering this by your incredibly selfish, rigid and self-serving athletic model! College athletics will be unrecognizable in 10years!

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Without equal revenue sharing, then the Pac-12 is not a conference. There is no way that the other schools will accept UO and UW getting more money. All the major pro sports share national broadcast rights equally. Wouldn't the Cowboys love to get more money than the Jaguars?

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Top realignment candidates for the Pac-10, ranked:

1. BYU

2. Boise St

3. San Diego St


5. Air Force Acdemy

6. Colorado St

7. Wyoming

8. New Mexico

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Jul 28, 2022·edited Jul 28, 2022

Really not sure how GK is going to get any kind of good media rights deal done with all this ambiguity and UW/OR for sure wanting to keep their options open for the foreseeable future.

The posturing and wondering aloud from Warren isn't helping..

Pretty sure GK & KW won't be exchanging bottles of Caymus this Christmas

Sort of amazing KW can get up and talk about "how he was raised" ...and keep a straight face. Straight up did GK dirty to his face with all the "Alliance" stuff ... all while planning to raid his house through the back door at night.

Shameful stuff from KW if you ask me.

This is from the "leadership" of the conference also.

Nice example we are setting for the students here.

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I'm surprised USC/UCLA can bolt from the conference (even with two years notice). I'd think the twelve schools would huddle to consider any conference changes.

I'm just counting down the dumping of the PAC-12 Networks for Duck games which many of us can't watch out of state. Game televising seems to work in priority order: OTA networks (ABC/FOX), streaming networks (ESPN group) and then PAC-12 Networks for leftovers.

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I think it's save to say if any more schools leave doesn't matter which ones the conference

is done... at that point the schools that are left will be begging for any kind of deal.

The bottom half will be looking at the MWC straight in the eye.

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Other than SDSU, the rest of the mentioned targets just don't do anything for me.

It's all just watering it down and turning the P12 shell into another form of the MWC.

This sucks

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IMHO - IF it's the plan of the PAC to stay together, then I honestly do not see how we can go forward and PROSPER without adding teams. If we want to make a HARD play to save the league, then we should go to 14 teams. Absolutely add SDSU (a MUST). Really hard to say who those other 3 teams would be but "I" would go after Okie State, Houston and UNLV. I'd say BYU but Utah? YIKES! That could turn into an ugly conversation real fast - LOL. Plus, the "no playing on Sunday" thing, oh boy :-) Maybe Baylor?

I think the PAC not doing ANYTHING may very well tell us more about how close we are to our total demise than we might expect. Under that scenario I see the UW, Oregon, Stanford and Cal to the B1G. Yes, I think Cal would be included. I see Arizona, ASU, Colorado and Utah to the B-12. Unfortunately for WSU and OSU, I see the MWC but, MAYBE the B-12? They are surely worthy.

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Big Ten schools are apparently very good at educating their students on at least one important topic: Midwest weather stinks.

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