Solid picks today! But The ducks will score over 40.

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One issue... PAC12 has a tendency to have atop rated team drop a game they never should have in an upset. I have a feeling this is the week of an upset... I agree with all of your selections, so I have no idea which will be the upset... but feel there will be one that drops everyone's jaws

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Love the picks; however, it would be very Pac-12ish for WAZZU to take down Utah tonight and for CAL to slow down the Ducks and get the cover.

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Good picks. Here’s mine.

WSU 34-24 over Utah

Oregon 48-24 over Cal

USC 38-34 over AZ

ASU 21-10 over Colo

UCLA 45-24 over Stanford

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Utah 31 - Wazzu 20

Oregon 44 - Cal 21

USC 52 - Arizona 42

ASU 35 - CU 20

UCLA 37 - Tree 24

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I like your picks, but I think that the Cougs might actually win this. Their defense matches up well with Utah...it's in Pullman and they are desperate.

WSU 27 USC 25

Arizona doesn't match up well with USC. The Trojans will give up some points but this will turn out like the Oregon game.

USC 45 Arizona 27

ASU and Colorado is a mystery because both teams are a mystery. My guess is that both struggle to score but Colorado is at home.

Colorado 16 ASU 13

UCLA is going to get a palette cleanser here.

UCLA 49 Stanford 27

I think Oregon is much more even keeled with this new coaching staff, I don't see a let down. Cal struggles to score and Oregon felt like it didn't play that well defensively against UCLA.

Oregon 45 Cal 16

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I think Lanning, like Kelly before him, unlike the last 2 coaches we had, is the reason the Ducks don't take their web feet off the gas.

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Cal will cover the spread but so far this season can't execute in the final minutes of games. Oregon 31- Cal 24.

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UCLA is tough anytime and I don't expect anything different this time either.

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Would like to see Ducks defensive scheming get some qb sacks in the next few games

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Will be interesting to see Cal’s defensive strategy. Will they try to pressure Bo, or keep him contained inside the tackles?

Either way, I expect few explosion plays and a low scoring game.

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"...home favorites are ridiculously good in the Pac-12."

Gee, do you think Pac-12 referees get caught up in the home crowd noise? Uh, second question: does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?

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