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Huskies Win!

I thought Jonathan Smith & company had a great game plan put together for last night’s game

Despite getting a lot of our starters back, Husky defense has many holes in it

In spite of the weather, I was disappointed Husky Stadium wasn’t filled up…boo DawgFans

If the Beavers would’ve won, our punter would’ve been the Beaver’s MVP

Penix looked more nervous at times than he had in previous games

Washington’s two goal line stands were critical. There’s those that will question not kicking the field goal. I’m glad they didn’t!

…and the officiating; don’t get me started🤯

An ugly win for my Huskies, but I’ll take it. We have our work cut out for us next week at Autzen. Should be a game, I believe, but Oregon is the class of the PAC 12 right now


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For Oregon State if all the games are close and you win the majority that's good. They kind of stole the Stanford game so a close loss on the road to Washington isn't bad. Things balance out. Oregon State is much better at home. Nobody enjoys playing there.

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John . We all know that Coach Jonathan is a “Rising Star” in the Coaching world ;

He just is not here quite yet !….too many errors in the UW game , not an adequate FG kicker , good but not great QB, unseasoned running Backs, and unseasoned Receivers ! But progress is being made , so this GiantKiller Alumn is pleased !

OSU is ON the rise, but it will take a little more time . Perhaps an upset of the DuX is possible , as the season comes to an end with more experience gained ! Better recruiting of better players is needed , and a QB that can run is essential . Go Beavs, beat the DuX !

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That game showed how imperative a competent QB is in football. If you can’t put the ball down the field enough to keep the defense thinking, then you will never win a championship of any kind. As a lifetime Bills fan I know that feeling well from the years between Jim Kelly and Josh Allen. Also, from all the “off” years of Oregon. The denominator was the same.

I root for the Beavs whenever they aren’t playing UO (in years that I’m not bitter that they ruined our last season of course). Those wide open misses are inexcusable. Giving UW joy in any way is unforgivable. When OSU gets a QB, the Civil War will again be a game with potential to rip your heart out like it was so many years in the past.

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Huskies shot themselves in the foot -- twice. First the INT pick-6, and then a roughing penalty that wiped out a stop and led to a score. That's 14 of OSU's points right there. Not having a passing attack beat the Beavers in this one. Huskies, with all their DBs back, slowly improving. That said, they'll have their hands full next week.

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Pretty Beav-slanted here, which is certainly your prerogative. But I think it's worth noting that Washington could make a similar argument around big mistakes costing them in big ways throughout the game... Thinking particularly of the dumb face mask penalty (dumb play, right call - not an official's error) that negated a big sack on third down that would have ended a drive that otherwise resulted in a touchdown. Also a wildly uncharacteristic stare down pick thrown by Penix resulting in another touchdown. 2/3 of OSU's points came as a result of huge UW errors. And while you mentioned the blocked punt for OSU, you left out the fact that the punter dropped the ball first. This qualifies as yet another huge mistake. My point is that while I see all of your points clearly, Washington should probably feel as though they won the game despite their own performance just as much as they won due to Oregon State mistakes.

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OSU. wanted MATURE QB. who can complete a few short passes. Can avoid sacks by getting rid of ball instead of running backwards in circles waiting to be tackled or give up a fumble. You know with OSU outstanding running game, how about an option QB who can run the read option and throw a few accurate passes. Try starting Coletto. Couldn't be any worse (except you would miss his FB blocking..but that could be built in to the option offense)

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Demonstrating my grasp of the obvious: Two trips inside the 5 netting zero points is what cost OSU the game. An opportunity missed.

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I'm a minority here but here goes. Washington under DeBoer is night and day over Chris Petersen's last year ( was was done and it showed), and Jimmy Fake. The halftime adjustments were the difference on defense. The officiating was or should I say has, reached another level of incompetence. I don't know where they found a 12th man on the field against the Beavers nor the invisible penalties against Washington. It's a tragedy the conference has allowed this to go on, it will cost teams games. As A Dawg fan, being 7-2 is a miracle compared to last season, what a turn around. Penix should be in the Heisman consideration but that ain't happening to teams in our conference. Next week against the Ducks should be entertaining for both fan bases.

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Go Huskies - beat the DuX ..!…the 2 BEST Pac 12 QB’s ! …. The Ghost of OSU’s Tom Autzen , will be watching !

And The State of Oregon ‘s own Sonny Sixkiller , will be watching too !

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Was that a coaching loss for the Beaves... On the road, Late game and you

pass up FG's which would have won the game.

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That was a disgusting loss. Losing to USC was disappointing and heart breaking, but this loss was sickening. OSU is a far far better team, but penix is a heck of a qb. You just can't give him what seemed like a week to throw on 3rd and 4th downs. Why the heck did we go to soft coverage so many times!

This one's on the coaches. I'm good with going for it on the one 4th and short, but it was totally the wrong play call. Running the guy they know is running it, right into a stacked box with no lead blocking? The other should have been a kick though.

Shame we had so many opportunities to put this one away and just couldn't get one of em. You're right the margins are too thin not to. Specially when you also have phantom PIs and timeouts that never were thrown into the mix. Can't be dropping passes and picks. And where the hell was velling?

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Excellent analysis as usual, John. I thought all during the game that the Beavs could not afford the mistakes they made against a very good team and QB playing at home. I love Gulbranson's decision-making. I don't think he has thrown a pick since Utah. But he overthrows open receivers quite often. The killer was the wheel route in the 4th quarter that was wide open for a TD and overthrown (was it to Martinez or Fenwick? I don't remember because I was writhing in agony) The penalties were infuriating. Those foot shuffles on the O line are inexcusable. Harrison also dropped a couple more passes right in his hands because he did not watch the pass all the way to his hands before starting his move. He has done that all season. And there were 2 or 3 blown coverages in the secondary that Penix saw and hit. On D, how do you check off a receiver to no one? This is just lack of concentration. Overall, this Beavers team is close to the top of the Pac 12 in terms of talent. The play calling on both sides of the ball is excellent now. But players gotta execute. If the Beavs can find a way to win out, they can still end up at 9-3 and get a good bowl game.

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Big win for UCLA if we are headed for the dreaded 3 way 1 conference loss tie scenario. UW+Cal needs to finish with a better record than OSU+WSU for the Bruins, so last night was a huge help. Thanks Huskies!

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I must confess, I don’t understand why they didn’t try for the field goals in the first half. They were certainly close enough for a good probability of success. Could have been the difference in this game.

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as a Duck, predicitng the Beavs is easy. I bet half my house on USC to beat OSU. Beavs choked. I predicted Huskies would win, but not cover the 4 points last

friday night. You say Beavs are different team at home, but miss me in this belief. Is 25,000 a home field advantage? A loss is a L and the Beavs have 3 pac-12 losses now Jonathan Smith could have beat USC. He could have beat U dub. He got buried against Utah. Beavs might go to a lower tier bowl game if they are lucky. They might lose their next three games. Cal is not very good, but I think they can win in Corvallis. ASU beat the Huskies. The Ducks, can and should win the non-civil war in a few weeks. Smith has proven nothing to me, except that he got out coached in all three losses. You said he has a great offensive mind, Mr. Canzano. Yeh right, and yesterday my neighbor, in her new mini-cooper was seen driving down Barbur Blvd. with six sumo restlers as passengers. Fact check me as I have a photo as proof John., If you continue to pick home favorites in the mighty conference of champions, you can be victorious. I am not accusing you of bragging about your picks at all. I can supplly proof of my bets made in Sheridan, Oregon Spirit Mtn. casino, as I make photo copies of all tickets. I am one game above .500 on the season in both college and pros, and some losses occured because of point spread. I have found best method is to bet the money line and remove the point spread., You take your team and bet the odds. If your team is a 7 point favorite, bet on them. Instead of having to win by 8, all you have to do is to win by one point. To make 100 dollars, on a 7 point favorite , you could have to risk aroind $175-$200. You get back your bet plus the 100 you won. You never bet with your heart, and this is the reason I no longer bet on or against the Ducks. Pat Reser, yes that Reser, was a great teacher of mine in 1963 in Hillsboro, Or. She told me her husband, the late Al Reser, made potato salad. She recently gave $50 million to the city of Beaverton, Or. for a new arts project. Too bad she is not looking for a head football coach. Smith is not the right guy, and he has no offensive mind if he cannot influence his team to victories. Sure glad the Ducks got an SEC coach from Georgia, and an SEC guy named Bo Nix. Slick Mario, only lost by 40 yesterday to Florida State. I predicted that he was a bad choice, and no better than Taggart. You all bashed me on facebook real bad about them as I stated before either of these guys even coached one Duck game, that they were poor hires. The Ducks now have a great young guy as head coach (he is 35) and a real good offensive co-ordinator. The SEC rules football, and Bill's conference of champions (Pac-12) are not yet able to join the big boys in football or basketball. Just check final four appearances in both sports. In 2 years as USC and UCLA grab their extra $40 million dollars each per year in tv revenue than the Pac-10 imight pay their schools, the Pac-10 will slide further into oblivion. Thanks Larry Miller, and his replacement has been another disappointment so far. GO DUCKS; please do not let the Huskies ruin your season next Saturday. No dogs allowed in our state of Oregon unless they have four legs.


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