The idea of NBA expansion is absurd. The talent level in the NBA does not warrant the number of teams it has now.

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Big 12 has much more fan support then the pac 12. Also it’s clearly the best basketball conference. I expect Arizona to announce soon and then we will see if SDSU gets the last spot or if Utah decides to make the jump. Should be fun to watch!

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What's funny about the 9:30pm timeslot, the B12 could start scheduling later games that would eat into that window and take away that exclusivity. As an example, if they had one game each week that kicked off at 8:00pm, that would overlap at least the first half of any late PAC game. Don't assume the PAC will always have the timeslot to themselves and therefore a built-in advantage.

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John do you know if the program “talkin ducks” is still be broadcast on one of the TV channels?

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Washington State University is at the top end of the conference for viewership and the bulk of the alumni live in Seattle. You can't just look at the size of the immediate market but have to consider the fan base!

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All ⭐️American ⭐️Conference



Florida State



North Carolina

Georgia Tech


Notre Dame




Oklahoma St.








Arizona State

This idea would change it to the Power Three Conferences. The Big Ten and Sec are going to gobble up what they want. It’s best to be proactive than reactive. Unfortunately, I do not see any sort of leadership or visionaries like this in the remaining conferences. It is a nice dream!

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I'd like to see the NBA expand, but not confident that will happen.

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Aug 6, 2022·edited Aug 6, 2022

A 75 billion dollar TV deal for NBA

Wow -- I just .... wow

I honestly don't get it.

I find NBA to be pretty uninteresting other than the Playoffs, which are fantastic

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Didn’t know you were from San Jose and had/have the same pro sports allegiances in the Bay Area. Went to Leland HS in south SJ before radio/TV degree at SFSU and short radio stint before the sports info and athletic admin stops at OSU. Keep up the great columns!

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Great questions…great answers…but how many days before the Ducks and Beavers first game? I’m already getting my popcorn, beer nuts and game board lined up.

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Cannot wait for Seattle at least to have an NBA team again.

re: Light beer or big, hoppy IPA... no need to compromise... a certain brewery in Bend has a low calorie pale ale available in stores in the Portland area.

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