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Second on Tacovore. We have one in NE Portland within walking distance of my house. I have Celiac Disease, and their menu is entirely gluten free and delicious. I literally eat there once a week!

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Funny you lead with Teddy Roosevelt. I’m reading a book right now on him and his life and love of the North Dakota badlands…just last night I read a passage about him being in a bar when a much larger dude tried to humiliate him, calling him four eyes and ordered him to buy the house a round….Teddy knocked him out with one quick well placed punch to the face! Fascinating individual...

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A lot of good rivalries in the Pac-12, all heated. Big Game? UCLA-USC? Territorial Cup? Apple Cup? The game formerly known as the Civil War? A lot of passion on the field and in the stands in all of those games.

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Teddy got it right!!

A triumph is defined by much more than winning a game. A "moral victory." We all know that Coach Lanning is preaching to his team the goal of winning the nat'l championship--any coach would. I, myself, would savor the victories of reaching the playoffs. Specifically:

- Playing Georgia again (with better success) and losing by 7 points...or 14....but knowing they played a much stronger overall game.

- Thumbing their nose at the media, who never thought they would get there.

- Using their playoff appearance as a springboard for recruiting.

- Helping Bo's chances of being invited to New York for the Heisman trophy ceremony

To this point, they've already achieved one huge victory--not giving up on themselves after an embarrassing loss and proceeding to demolish their competition. SGO DUCKS!!!

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As background, for the best twenty years of my professional life, I traveled the country, mostly out of Portland, spending every other week on the road (actually in the air). So I have spent some to a lot of time in every big league city. I have also lived briefly in Orange County, Menlo Park, and Seattle. I have, over recent years, done a lot of head shaking and chuckling over Portland's fantasies as a major league baseball city. Once the country's second most beautiful city (behind San Francisco in the pre-Giant days) Portland has never been even anywhere close to anything better than triple A. And don't talk to me about the Blazers, just thank Bill Walton for stopping by. So now downtown is a rats nest and game day at a major league ballpark would look like Cincinatti this summer. Portland State plays in Hillsboro, and a good and popular baseball team left. And don't tell me soccer fans are going to a baseball game! So relax Portland, and help me figure out how to watch PacX on Amazon Prime. Oh, and for good measure, stay off my lawn! (Truthfully, I don't have a lawn). Charlie

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John, love your work, but why are you not talking me about the legal ramifications if the UCBOR forces UCLA to stay, or the domino effect of the B1G taking another team and the effect on the Pac-12?

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Hilarious that you used “Portland” and “leaders” in the same sentence twice. Expecting them to step up in any dimension is a pipe dream.

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Maybe you are looking at the "best rivalry" from the standpoint of successful teams this year, but many sportscasters have said that the "Civil War" between OSU and UO may be the most intense in the country. And while we are both down this year, as a Cal alum, I would have to say that the Big Game is a pretty intense affair around the Bay Area. Of course years ago when you might find the Cal band marching through your office as I did once, the rivalry is mostly more about fun and family/friend bragging rights than the dislike I see up there in Oregon.

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Excellent quote from Roosevelt, my all time favorite president. If you haven't read the trilogy written about him by Edmund Norris I highly recommend it. Roosevelt is a fascinating study in overcoming the obstacles of life. Thanks again for the columns!

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For you to blame the signal caller (b for the Beavers losses further tells me about you. USC did not play great in Reser, but they came out on top. Your buddy, Jonathan Smith, could have goten t it done in Seattle had he kicked a couple field goals. Football is a team game and for you to blame any one player for losses is absurd. Please tell us if you saw all of both games yesterday since one started at 4 im Eugene, and the other at 6 in Corvallis. You said Reser has second best home field advantage in Pac-12 behind Utah. Ever been to Autzen, like maybe even nov. 12, 2022? You claim to have super connections like Mike Leach calling you, or Chip Kelly texting you. Cool John! I thought if Ducks finished 12-1 and TCU ends ith 0 losses, that might not mean they could both make the finals. Ever heard of east coast bias. or that the best four teams do not for positive make final four? In medical visits, I I have been very friendly but do not ask anything nosey about their personal lives, unless they bring it up , This had led to great health care for 20 years ith Kaiser, On your podcast, you are often arrogant. You are a big mover in shaker in Portland some say. Anna is right, you could have handled that dental visit much better. Ever thought of telling the lady that you are a local celebrity, that has a sports talk radio deal and also a podcast in the afternoon? She already is probably going to learn your last name,, and EVERYBODY in the greater pacific northern area is familiar with you. Yeh you should have told her your lumberjack or sumo martial arts expert story. Still cannot believe you couldn't have been civil with her. Did you forget the extent of your status in Portland.? Selling your bald faced truth is aided by you to to out and about, sign autographs and your celebrity status is unmatched , this lady told me years ago. I have bought about 10 of your BFT subscriptions. I like your take on some things, but last time I checked football reuires more than 40 players and good coaches for the team to be good. I choked as you called OSU coach Smith best offensive mind in Pac-12. His team cannot score often and in Utah they were a no-show. . I understand you really looked forward to the parents day in Beaver Nation yesterday. Hope you and family had a good time. Pity your wife to have to follow you into dentist. Am sure she covered for you. Next time just say to a new dr. of yours, "Hello I am THE one and only sports radio personalty here in Pdx and most average guys on the street are very aware of my celebrity status!" "I can sit in the press box and I have my own photographers." Many people in the greater Portland area worship me. " You are smart to give the car cleaning guy a gift card. As a very strong Christian, I believe in doing nice things for others. Carry cash for tipping like a food vendor guy, I try over-tip if the service or food as good. Karma is real and I see it in my life daily. Hope I can spot you up among all the big boys in Autzen next Saturday. Please stop bl;aming anybody for losses; unless it is poor clock management, poor play calling, or poor coaching. A few players around, after seeing your open trashing of them, should refuse to let you talk to them.

Since you are a celebrity, not identifying your true identity to a professional medical lady is like blaming the Beavs' poor play of one or two players. Already think can guess your alleged non-bias pick for Beavs and Ducks in Reser. Ducks are far better and in huge 25,000 seat Reser, home field advantage can be non-factor. Your ranking of top 5 home field advantages after Utah and Beavs please in the Pac-12?. I put Autzen and Utah as both stronger than Reser., as Beavs lose at home more than any of top contenders, Pray Pat Reser can find a good coach and/or play-caller. A coach, that understands that on road at a place they cannot come out on top at, like Husky Stadium, or at USC, forgoing 3 points more than once is not smart. three is better than zero.. You are very lucky your medical procedure did not result in an accident in your mouth. Going to pull out my BEAVER BUSTERS T-SHIRT FOR THE EVENT IN CORVALLIS. Also, my favorite of all is of a Duck mascot and he has a live Beaver in his mouth that says " Ducks Eat Beavers!"from Paddock tavern in Eugene circa 1987. GO DUCKS, and I sure hope the mens basketball team at OSU does not tinkle on themselves again and not show up at all. Is it truethat there are audience seats for the Podcast. ? A friend told me you have to try for months in advance, and there is no free admission like on Oprah. You gotta pay to see the specticle; as Mr. Canzano has a side-kick that does not tip at all at a food cart., and tries to rename the civil battle and give out some sort of trophy. , or some other outer space thoughts. His dream is to be like John! Lucky guy.

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Playoffs by far over the Rose Bowl, simple reasoning . . . recruits want to play for the 'Natty".

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I never want to say never on the MLB PDX initiative, but they have lost all their momentum and our city needs to focus on cleaning up downtown before backing such an ambitious initiative. That said _Teddy would probably say, "Go for It". Speaking of President Roosevelt - your quote rang a bell. I have this one tucked away - - - - - -> “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

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A great memory from the past ! Thank GOD you are not a woke sportswriter !

So many left wing nuts wanting to remove Teddy’s statues around the U.S.

The DuX will meet their match when they come to Reser Stadium . Coach Smitty played in the Civil War game so he knows the rivalry …. Lanning is yet to experience it , but as Riley of USC said ,

“ an incredible intense experience playing the Beavers “ at Reser !

GO Beavs , Beat the DuX little Bro - 7 years younger then OSU !!

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As a fierce competitor it pains me to see this submissive portion of the Ducks fan base who would prefer to see another Rose Bowl berth rather than a CFP 4 seed berth. I would happily bet our players would live for another shot at Georgia in the playoffs. To want anything less is a loser mentality.

Make no mistake, I would be grateful IF we can make it into either. The Rose Bowl is an epic consolation prize. However, we still have several tough games to win without stumbling to get there, so this is getting way ahead of ourselves.

The CFP, and the championship at the end mean everything and by simply making it there out of 131 teams, you are a confirmed power. If you cannot make it then you really do not matter. The goal in any sports league is to win it all, and never be content in settling for less. The direct and indirect revenue, and exposure from a CFP berth far overshadows a Rose Bowl. Additionally, it would be a massive boon for the conference, for recruiting, and would go far to cement the school as a top tier final coaching destination rather than it’s historical perception as a stepping stone.

To want anything less than a shot at the title is a beta perspective and an insult to the blood, sweat and tears the staff, players, and even fans have experienced along the way to get to this point. This years Duck team has proven that they have the talent to play and beat anybody, including Georgia. If you can’t see the massive growth this team has made, then you are a pessimist. Yes, Georgia has a talent gap over us, but any given Saturday we can beat them.

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Looking forward to UW/UO today - wish I was going to be on hand

Should be a battle, but not in the eyes of the oddsmakers

Oregon is ripe for an upset

Hoping for a close back-and-forth game with a final Husky drive for the win; said drive would contain a bad call that kept it alive, just to piss off all the bandwagon SchmucksFans 🤣 Just sayin’…

Total respect to those Oregon fans that have been there through thick and thin


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What's the deal with Cal and Justin Wilcox? Did he actually turn down the Oregon job prior to it being offered to Lanning-and if so why?

Is Cal ever going to step up support for their football program to make it any more than a Pac 12 also ran? What do you think?

Larry J

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