Coach Jonathan Smith or UW’s Head Coach should be the Contenders ;

Coach Kyle as slipped a bit this year ,

Lanning inherited many of his players ,

And look what Smith developed !

No doubt Nike U will push Lanning , but he is un - seasoned and still learning as he goes . Vote for Coach Smitty ! He earned it more then ANY other Pac 12 Coach .

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Give me a person who owns their mistakes and learns from them. I want Coach Lanning in my foxhole.

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Nov 15, 2022Liked by John Canzano

"My prediction?

The lawyers win."

Seems they mostly always do...

Keep up the good work-I look forward to your writings daily and particularly enjoy the 5 at 5 on my way home from work.

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Fans of college football in Oregon should thank their lucky stars for Smith and Lanning. The young men on those teams couldn't have better role models. That said, I'm really hoping they learn quickly from their mistakes. They've already mastered the art of owning mistakes.

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Nov 15, 2022Liked by John Canzano

I agree with your title and opening line. Lanning seems like a good guy.

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As the son of a former coach, I can say that determination is a key to being a successful coach... I can also say that admitting your own shortcomings actually can draw you closer to your players and fans--because of the humanity in admitting mistakes. Good for Coach Lanning.

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022

Who ever thought a first time head coach comes without growing pains? In January, I felt 8 wins was the mark to hit for duck fans to keep their heads high. I really didn't think a conference title was on the table this year. If mistakes like this keep happening, my tune will change, but there isn't anything going on that I don't like.

Go Dan!

Go Ducks!

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I'm looking forward to that "Civil War" game. It is always a good game to watch.

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So happy Mario is MIA; glad to hear the straight skinny from Dan Lanning instead of a lot of excuse making.

Hope that Nix, Forsyth and Walk will be good to go against a dangerous Utah team? And I also hope the Beavs win on the road to make THE CIVIL WAR GAME a matchup of two Committee top 25 teams.

[This just in, the good guys won the Civil War including the 100,000 African-Americans who fought for the Union.]

COY? Too close to call right now but Riley (SIGH) has to be in the mix: especially, if SC goes 3-0 and makes the PO.

COY nationally? If TCU goes 13-0 how can it not be Sonny Dykes? Another guy who got too little support at CAL.

Was UCLA looking ahead to SC? Strange play calling for the Bruins; 37 passes + 35 running plays.

Could have been a great weekend for the Pac-12 but still is a very interesting weekend coming up.

The B1G should have gone the Pac-12 route. The B1G west division winner will have at least 3Ls. IMO, 1-6, the Pac-12 is better than the B1G this season.

How about one half of the conference in the AP Top 25!

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The lawyers win! Spot on, John.

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John--Oregon should pull a "Utah" and not disclose status on QB and Center. Also, any update from the Pac 12/11/10 on recent officiating miscues and the Utah/Willingham player status from several weeks ago? Why the silence Commish? Thanks John, Happy Thanksgiving, Go Beavs

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Nix will play but will be hobbled

That will change the game plan

He will have to pass from the pocket

That coupled with the offensive line injuries will keep the game close.

If Oregon rushes for 200 yards they could win. If not it will be a long night for the ducks.


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Whoever wins the Pac 12 will win COY...Probably dingle balls at USC.

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I see Lanning is asking for a review on the hit that took Nix out of the game. I think that’s smart on his part.

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Lanning shoed his class and dignity in the dog day afternoon non afterglow . Sure glad I as at Montlake in 2021 to see Ducks beat Huskies in Seattle for first time in 10 tries. They sell beer there no, and I sa Jimmy Lake maul one of his players on side-line, The attorneys run the show,, and UCLA is gone ith USC Bruins cannot be forced to stay in pac-10. Bill's conference of champions is not valid

any longer. Is called big money and the pac-10 (in 2 years) sinks farther into oblivion.. SEC, Big 10, and a fe others of the big boy class run the college football top tier, As a lifelong Duck, the 2 games each year vs. Monsters from Montlake and Beavers mean more to me than all others. Revenge is very cool and I ill be in Husky Stadium in 2023 for Ducks-Huskies. The non punt on 4th down late in the game, is the one that turned the game. Ducks can bounce back and beat Utah, I just wanted that it has not been moved to 7:30 pm. Beavs ill lose their last 2. On road in Arizona, they have poor record, like at Husky stadium, and at USC. Jonathan Smith better kick a field goal in the desert. He better find a signal-caller for next year. Next year Beavers , as 5 losses this year is no better than last year in total picture. OSU all the time claims, "next year" Ducks can end up with only one pac-12 loss, and play in the league championship. I pick USC as their foe in Las Vegas. Georgia ill repeat in the natty as defense still rules. Our coach in Eugene is a uality guy and I pray he stays ith Ducks for as long as is possible. Beavers and Huskies in "ho cares jv games in Jan. 2023" I have on my DUCKS EAT BEAVERS SHIRT to get it ready for the non civilgame My other favorite is BEAVER BUSTERS t-shirt that resembles a ghostbusters one and has a beaver and a line through it!. Glad the Huskies left Oregon and returned to Montlake. Husky free state of Oregon for eternity. Go Ducks, run table to cap great season and only 2 defeats. I can spell great but a fe keys on laptop are challenged and stick and do not alays work; mainly the letter after v Damn those Huskies, but the payback ill be very cool in 2023 in Seattle. Reser tops out at 35,000? Ducks in a close one there this season in front of huge 26,000 throng to beat down the Beavers AGAIN. GO DUCKS and in a miracle, Bo Nix comes back for one more year in 2023

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D Lannig's often poor grammar is cringe worthy. His idea of where the responsibility is after a tough loss is fine but is it too much to expect a college representative and head coach would reflexively know and use noun verb agreement?

"... there was a lot of coaches..."

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