I didn't organize my sock drawer, but I left the game on and made ginger cookies.

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Georgia will always have an advantage because it is the 4th best state for football talent [behind TX, FL & CA]. Look at their current roster: the majority of their kids are GA kids.

But expanding the CFP will help to keep some of the fleeing blue chip west coast players home. Brock Bowers, DJU & Bryce Young are all CA kids who chased the playoff with blue bloods. Ohio State pulled Embuka, Tuimalou, & G. Scott out of WA. That sucking sound you have heard for the last 10+ years is the whoosh of blue chip west coast talent rushing out of our footprint.

If blue chip kids think Oregon, Washington or Utah can make it to the CFP, they might stay & play in conference [especially if NIL is used right]. This will marginally weaken the blue Bloods & strengthen the next tier teams.

Also, 9-game conference schedules are tactically stupid. They give half of the conference up to an extra loss that could have been a win against an OOC team. This drops them in the polls & weakens every other conference team's strength of schedule PLUS it adds a more difficult, physical game beating to each conference team's players [vs playing a "cupcake"].

There are practical & functional reasons why the SEC is better positioned in the polls and for the post-season. And it's much more than football "just means more". Mike Slive and Greg Sankey made chess moves while Larry Scott struggled with checkers. Hopefully George Kliavkoff has the capability to recover, but Scott left him a bad board.

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the Heavyweight fight was a Knockout 3 mins into Rd 1

My take was Ohio St. beat Georgia, just shanked the winning Field goal

How does AP rank Oregon 15 and OSU 17???

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I was at the game (In my OREGON DUCKS gear) - sitting smack dab in the Georgia territory on the 40 yard line. Couldn't have asked for a better view of what ANNHIALATED the Ducks in September - Just left of the 50 yard line camera crew... The coaches were faster, the players were faster, even the TCU fans were faster to the exit. Back to that Oregon gear I was wearing... It made for some fun conversations on the way for a beer and hot dog and the obligatory stop to the can to hang with a bunch of savage and honestly almost bored Dawgs... The conversation went like this "Hey Oregon guy - you made it to the wrong game!" My response after the half "yah - just came for part two of what y'allz did to the Ducks!" Back to the speed of everything going on in the stadium. I didn't know Saban could move so quickly in that fancy on camera suit of his. When he was being escorted out of the ESPN booth it was almost a sprint as he was being taunted by Georgia fan about definitively giving up the crown to the powerhouse status in the SEC. Congrats to the Bulldogs for their win. As for the Duck fan in me?? I claimed to my friends that I brought a November Oregon rain - It was cold and wet but no umbrella would be used the whole night (try their bus/rail line for fun on a rainy night through Norwalk). Nothing like last night will likely ever happen again if we extend our playoff to more teams. And it shouldn't... Ohio is a clear #2 in my book after taking that game to a face in hand missed opportunity to win. I'm sure there were more Duck fan but in my THOUSANDS of steps throughout the stadium I only saw one other dude sporting the colors - it was fun to see 2 of 70 some thousand... For this game I say GoDawgs... Remember that bus ride I mentioned? Father son duo was teaching the overcrowded full of Dawgs their cheer. Georgia fans on this bus showed up and learned it with them and it seemed like they genually cared about these two lone TCU fan and the one Duck onloooker. Super awesome experience to see this whole night happen. - Brian Perkins - Salem Oregon

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I guess having not even turned the game on I have to wonder about a couple of things:

1. Would Oregon or any Pac-12 team, including USC even have had a chance?

2. Sonny Dykes couldn't win at Cal but managed to get this far at TCU pretty much says it all as far as Cal's ability to win, and in a way could Harbaugh have ever gotten that far at Stanfurd?

3. What does this say about Oregon?

4. Will the Pac-12 even be competitive in this environment against semi-pro football?

5. Will the 'hail mary" they threw us to be in the mix when it goes to 12 teams even matter or will it just be sending off the Pac-12 team as the #12 seed to play Georgia down south.. Think basketball seeding and you have a pretty good idea of how this will work.

6. Will the Rose Bowl be a big nothing taking the Rose Parade along with it? pr will it try for some Jan/1 game besides being a big nothing except a venue...and in fact wouldn't anyone coming to LA rather play at SoFi than that trash heap in Pasadena?

7. After watching FresNose State and San Diego State in bowls...I'll take FressBurg.

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I turned it off at half and started watching 1923. Watched all three episodes available. I don’t think Georgia could beat the Duttons in a range war.

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Going into next year, the question is can Georgia can sustain. As much as it pains me to say this, I admire the juggernaut they’ve put together.

Irregardless of cupcakes, media bias, “overated”, poll inconsistencies, NIL, conference scheduling, etc., gotta give the Bulldogs massive respect.

They came

They saw

They kicked *ss

hmm…Huskies ended up #10 😎 Can’t wait for the season to commence.


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A little turned off by Kirby Smart's crazy exuberance after that beat down....might have shown a little more decorum and respect for TCU. Their players were eating wings on the side lines in the fourth quarter and what's with one of their players smoking a victory cigar. Until the rest of the conferences are able to spend the money the SEC does and has been for many years this will continue.

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So with the SEC schedule of 3- cupcakes a year to start out and then including the 7th game usually played against the Sisters of the Poor, they only play about 6-7 games of any consequence.

Alabama rarely leaves the state. It is still tough for me to accept how good the conference is. I know that all the pundits love the SEC and with some strong reasoning but until the mega conferences get their "stuff" together and run on the same type schedule, this will never change.

The 12 team play off will be very interesting.

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John did it bother you that Georgia ran up the score? I thought it was classless. The game was over before halftime. I didn’t see anyone comment on it.

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If you think a 20 team group of three time zones is even an actual conference you dont get west coast sports. West coast fans care about Kansas, Texas Tech, etc as much as the midwest cares about the west coast. Throwing unrelated teams together that never play each other and have no geographic relationship doesn't help sell anything.

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At least it shut BYU up about Big XII superiority.

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Everybody outside of Athens is jealous. This kind of success is exactly what CFB fans crave. Oregon fans wants to know what it feels like, Miami fans desperately want it back and Alabama fans are feeling it slip away.

Still one thing that is fun. It is pretty impressive that they are doing this throughout all of the new changes to our beloved sport.

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Georgia is certainly number one But the TCU game had more to do with TCU than Georgia being untouchable. Georgia beat Mizzu 26-22, Kentucky 16-6, Kent State 39-22, Ohio State 42-41. GA is still the best but they did NOT score 49 (Ore game) or 60+ (TCU) every game, or even half their games.

And I have ALWAYS felt the only reason for expanding the "playoffs" is simply additional TV money.

It will be interesting to see what viewership the early rounds of an expanded playoff field will generate vs. the current top NY day bowl games. The playoff has already neutered The Rose Bowl and other majors. It will further render other bowls less attractive nationally. I feel that will be the same fate for the first, second rounds of the playoffs.

High quality star players already blow off bowl games for safety. Imagine the reaction to a potential THREE game post season, college players facing 16 or 17 game seasons. expansion will grow as long as:

-TV remains satisfied with profitable revenue generated from playoff rights AND

-As long as universities / programs continue to demand increased income to perpetuate uncontrolled

ever growing spending.

Fans of non elite 7-9 win type programs already hate the way all this is going. I run a test with my die hard CFB pals: Name the programs that will be members of the Big 12. (rarely get much over half correct)

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Again, I will make the comparison with NASCAR or the Indy 500 series cars and college football. Racecars in the major circuits are strictly controlled in their design and horsepower so that what is on the track is actual competition between drivers / crews and not the wallets of team owners. The NCAA and FBS are allowing this inequality on the field and they need to answer for it. What is the admins' purpose and reason for existence if it is not to balance competition by controlling the money machine, which is ALWAYS unequal if left to its own direction. Where are the Refs? Or maybe the NCAA / FBS leadership are also getting kickbacks from generous donors to leave college football as is

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"It was so lopsided I’ll bet you flipped the game off and organized your sock drawer." Close...I folded a bunch of clothes that I had in a laundry hamper.

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