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Count me among the naysayers that a 12-team CFP will accomplish what people think it will. The one thing it will obviously do is what those presidents who voted for it truly want...make more money. And yes, there will be teams whose games would otherwise have been "meaningless" (since the playoff is now the end-all-be-all) that now will have more importance.

John, I specifically have to take exception with your comparison of the playoffs in professional sports. College football does not have mechanisms like a player draft to foster such parity. The Top 100 players in a given recruiting class tend to congregate, with few exceptions, at a very small handful of schools. There is simply no comparison between the gaps of the #1 team vs #5 team in college and the #1 seed vs #5 seed in the NFL playoffs.

What I think we're far more likely to see out of this than a cinderella team winning a title is a 2-loss Alabama/Georgia/Ohio State, who would have been left out of a 4-team playoff, get what amounts to a mulligan, make the field and stomp everyone on their way to a title. Then everyone who wanted to see different teams in the end will complain that this wasn't what they asked for.

All the rush of adrenaline we used to feel from seeing a #1 or #2 team go down in the regular season won't mean a thing. Remember when the Beavers beat #1 USC back in 2008? That loss kept them out of the BCS. Now, USC would just shrug over a loss like that.

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Let's see, Since the ESECPN owns the NCAA, There will be at least 6 teams SEC teams.The fix is in

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should happen asap. wish the Ducks could join the big boys before it is too late. the pac-12 is a weak conference and unless they get ESPN to give them large tv deal, they are doomed. for a long time. .

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Next up for debate... How should the At Large teams be chosen? I'd like to offer one rule to follow. No 4th Place Teams! There is a reason that the Olympics award only Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. There is a reason that horse racing only pays for Win, Place and Show. No one cares about 4th place! No team that finishes 4th in its conference has a legitimate argument to make for inclusion in the playoffs.

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I'm trying to figure out if having a conference championship game is going hurt or help

the Pac now that there's a pathway to the CFP. We could see the lower ranked team win

that game which would almost guarantee no other conference program would make the playoff.

When they say the top 6 conference winners that must include a G5 school?

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Just to be clear: will conferences automatically qualify their champions? And if so, they are then seeded by rank? Would this leave open the possibility that a conference champion, in theory at 9-3 or worse, could be ranked 13 but would be still given an automatic berth?

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Is the Pac 12 (Pac 10?) still a top 6 conference after UCLA and USC leave? What if Oregon and Washington also leave? This idea that one conference can poach teams from another conference should be stopped by the same board/ commissioners. It creates havoc with 100 year old rivalries that are the essence of college football

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