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Loved the interviews!

USC Lincoln Riley "one of the things we've enjoyed most out here (in LA) is the anonymity"...translation: There is really not much interest in USC football in Los Angeles.

...on road games and fan resentment of USC leaving the PAC 12; "They're going to hate us anyway...I'd be disappointed if it (leaving the PAC 12) made it any worse." translation: Lincoln Riley has no idea of the culture of the PAC 12 fan base or what awaits him and his team on the road. Unlike in the Big12 or SEC, PAC 12 fans are generally pretty civil towards each other. But now things will be much worse for the Trojans, like wrath of Kahn level stuff.

Loved the line of questioning to UCLA Chip Kelly

Inspector Canzano: "Where were you when you found out UCLA was going?"

Chip Kelly: "I was on the 14th hole...it's going to happen in an hour make sure you don't say anything...."

Inspector Canzano: "Who were you playing with?"

Chip Kelly: (names redacted from the transcript)..."and by the time we got to 16 I think everybody in the world knew."

Inspector Canzano takes a puff of his cigar and considers the timeline and surmises that hole 15 must have taken a very long time to play.

Translation: CK probably knew something was up well in advance (like the USC head coach).

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Great stuff, John. You're a terrific interviewer. I love the discussions of movies, kids, etc. You have a way of putting people at ease, which makes for a much better interview than the run-of-the-mill "I've got to look at the film" BS. Congrats!

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Somehow I don't believe Chip Kelly didn't have input into UCLA leaving the Pac 12.

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Excellent work on your Pac-12 interviews! I know I’ve said it before, but I most appreciate the authenticity you bring to the conversations. This bring out candid & unique information about the coaches & their programs, that other journalists don’t get.

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These coach interviews are vintage Canzano journalism at its best! Your combination of deep knowledge about the coaches and their teams along with your great interviewing talent makes each one a pleasure to hear. Thanks for this!

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