To is why JC rules. He gets down into the nitty gritty of this even this issue, somehow sourced in that realm, too. I spent 44 years as a journalist. Being sourced up everywhere like he is? It just isn’t done.


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With all the cubic dollar$ involved in PAC 12 football, you’d think it would be wise to invest a bit in our officiating crew, it’s education and review processes, and general overseeing. I’m not advocating some kind of bloated bureaucracy, by any means, but we all agree our present givens are painfully average to mediocre at best.

Let’s raise the bar.


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Haha. Ironic the first part of your column says the Big10 May poach some our best officials then the rest of the column talks about how messed up they’ve been over the last few years, specifically about this year.

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Another area George needs to tackle.

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I never would have thought of this. Big10...man, they are not giving me many reasons to tune in. I'm pretty much ready to not watch Fox again once that big contract kicks in.

How do we submit questions for the mailbag?

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"Take my wife, please."

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For some reason while reading this article the term Dicker-rod came to mind. If I posted that term on other platforms, I'm sure this comment would be flagged and blocked for being vulgar.

Anyone else old enough to remember what it was used for back in the early 70's? It wasn't an appliance on plaid slacks.

Anyway, I think the article is unraveling a simple truth. Technology is being used to help ensure the right call is made and to ensure the clock and downs are tracked perfectly.

For some reason, we as humans tend to rely on and believe the technology is always correct/infallible. I can't help but wonder if we inadvertently become less skilled at something because we know the "technology" will cover for us if we make a mistake.

The WSU coaches knew they only played first down. I believe deep down the officials knew, but everyone looked at the technology as the authoritative mechanism to make the final call.

If we didn't have the technology that makes life so grand, most likely an old anal referee would have looked at his little notepad he scribbled on with a golf pencil to see that the play was only first down.

But, all they had to do was ask the replay booth to take 2 minutes to view the last play to verify which down it was. Video...the old Dicker-rod. Old technology that is sometimes easily dismissed. I think my calcified brain was trying to tell me something.

Keep it simple...

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Good reporting John. Wish more sport writers would dig into interesting topics other than things like Tom Brady’s rumored divorce. If that Pac12 ref says they do their best that’s good enough for me. I won’t get upset next time they totally blow a call even after video review.

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Great piece today.

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Must be a slow day in sports John when you have to resort to talking about officials being poached.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022

I have seen too many bad calls go against my team and bad calls be in favor of my team to believe in silly conspiracies. Those are for fans who don't accept that their team was beaten on the field. Despite the down fiasco at the UO-WSU game it seems like the officiating has been a bit better the last two years...at least the ticky-tacky pass interference calls of the past are not getting called.

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I have never understood why the officiating is controlled by the conferences and isn't handled by the NCAAF.

What purpose do they serve? Just asking for a friend.

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I don't think it would be a good idea for the B1G to have West Coast dedicated crews as this could raise questions among Midwest Coaches and Fans about those officials favoring the L.A. schools.

Could the comments from the official you referenced be posturing for better pay or a reflection of dissatisfaction with their current boss?

In other words how real is the threat of the B1G stealing officials from our conference or is this just water cooler talk among disgruntled, under paid PAC 12 officials.

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I’m an SC fan and would agree that Trojans had several holding calls that were not flagged. Don’t think it changes result but bad no calls for sure and shouldn’t happen.

Regarding Big 10 poaching officials I still think they will poach more actual schools. Why in the world does Uncle Phil want to have his pride and joy stay around in watered down Pac-12 with Aztecs and Boise State? And more importantly the Big 10 absolutely needs a west coast footprint and Cal, Stanford , Ducks and Huskies make perfect sense. Gavin Newsome can get back to running CA and the Bears will have more money to fund their stadium debt. Just don’t see the value to Oregon and UW to stay put. What am I missing?

Thanks as always for your great and well researched insight!!

Pac 12 Football Guy

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